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My Story

In 2011, at 30 years old, I started seeing eczema develop all over the upper half of my body. Living in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the time, and playing beach volleyball having a skin rash was not fun. I was so embarrassed! I even wore long sleeves on the beach in 90 degree weather! I was using every ‘natural’ ointment out there to get rid of the nasty rash. I finally resorted to visiting a dermatologist who told me he had no idea why it was there and prescribed me a steroid cream. It-didn’t-do-anything! I decided to take back what the rash was trying to take from me. I began researching diet and its effects on eczema and learned that the food we eat plays a big part in our overall wellbeing.  Along with a healthy diet, I did 3-BioResonance scans and remedies to rid my body of the parasites that were causing leaky gut which resulted in an immune response of eczema. I also practiced both active and meditative exercises to help reduce stress and keep my body active, to continue healthy lymph drainage, proper digestion and prevent eczema from reoccurring.   


Along with being a Holistic Nutritionist, I'm a Group Fitness Instructor & Certified Personal Trainer and devout Yogi.  I believe in the practice of mindfulness, and I discovered yoga not only teaches us to be mindful and familiar with our bodies, it also helps relieve stress and encourages the body to heal naturally. 

Through this journey of self-discovery and first-hand experience with skin issues and weight management, I work with my clients to incorporate healthy practices that are truly life- changing.

Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to share this detailed, life-changing program that will help you create your own success story of health and wellness!